September 7, 2007

Tigers impress VA QB

Newport News (VA) Gloucester QB Tommy Reamon Jr. saw his season start last week in a frustrating way. After one game, Reamon said he was hoping the second game of the season would go much better.

Reamon said the first game of the season made it difficult to show all of his talents, but added that he thinks schools have really taken a liking to his style of play. The number 23 ranked dual-threat quarterback said his ability to produce with his arms and legs.

Off the field, Reamon said he has been keeping busy trying to keep up with recruiting. With the beginning of September, Reamon said, things have started to pick back up.

Reamon said that as the past few weeks have gone by, he has gotten a chance to talk with coaches from each of his top schools. While he has enjoyed talking with every school, one coach stuck out in his mind in the past few days.

Reamon said that while he has talked quite a bit with numerous schools, one school has begun to sneak ahead of the others. Reamon did caution that the lead from the top school to the others was not insurmountable.

Although he has yet to name a specific order for his schools, Reamon said he has started looking at when he will be able to take visits this fall. He admitted he wasn't sure where he would visit, but said that he knows a few places he wants to see.

One place Reamon mentioned wanting to visit was Columbia. While he knew his dad had spent four years playing for the Tigers, Reamon said he hadn't gotten any pressure from the elder Reamon to decide any certain way.

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