September 14, 2007

Jess Ward ready for first start

Wednesday after practice was able to get a few words with sophomore defensive tackle Jess Ward that will be making his first collegiate start tomorrow against Utah.

Needless to say, Ward is excited about the opportunity and interesting enough he is one player who has experience playing at a high altitude like the Bruins will find themselves in on Saturday in Salt Lake City where the Utes are waiting for their arrival. Jess can you tell us about your first start?

Ward: "I'm really excited and this week even over other weeks, I'm really focused on Saturday and what I have to do. How do you feel you played last week against BYU?

Ward: "I played really solid. Whenever I had any type of action my way I was usually on the play and there were no errors and I just stayed in my gap and did my job. What is the difference between the two teams, BYU and Utah?

Ward: "BYU just from what I've seen they're bigger and more aggressive. They like to attack you especially if you are standing around the pile there coming in for cheap shots, while Utah is a more mellow line, not looking for many cheap shots at all. BYU was giving cheap shots?

Ward: "I'm not saying they were cheap, but they did have second and third effort guys that were really just going and going until the whistle blows. You are from then local mountains and are used to playing in a higher elevation and for your first start you will be playing in a city that is at a higher elevation. Have any of your teammates asked you what it might be like to play in a place with elevation?

Ward: "A couple of them have. I just say that you will lose your breath fast so you just have to stay focused and just keep breathing through your nose and out your mouth.

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