November 16, 2007

Hokies impress Midwest big man

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2009 post prospect Garrick Sherman is very remindful of that SAT test question where you look at a number of listings within a group and then are asked to select that entity which doesn't belong with the others.

You remember that test question I'm sure, right? The answers in this instance are Iowa, Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin, Marquette, Virginia Tech, Bowling Green and Notre Dame.

Now which of those doesn't belong with the others?

Virginia Tech obviously sticks out like a sore thumb here with the heavy Big Ten and Midwest influence. Being from Ohio himself, Sherman indicates that he does have an affinity for those schools in the Midwest, but has an open mind at this juncture.

"I have now visited Virginia Tech, Iowa, Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin, Marquette, Bowling Green and Notre Dame this fall. I am probably finished visiting for now and will try and schedule some visits now to basketball games at some schools," the 6-foot-10, 230-pounder from Kenton, Ohio told "I am trying to figure out which schools I like best. I don't really have a timetable but I would like to have a decision made before my senior year so that there will be no pressure and I can look forward to knowing where I am going to go during my senior season."

There is already one Big Ten school that Sherman spoke about in glowing terms.

"I really like Iowa. It is a place that has more of a Midwestern feel," Sherman said. "I grew up in the country about ten minutes from the cornfields and it makes me feel just like home.

"I like all the Big Ten schools and those schools that have larger campuses, really anything over ten thousand."

Sherman, who indicated that he holds offers from the Hawkeyes, Bowling Green, Miami (Ohio) and Akron, left little doubt that Virginia Tech will be a player when all is said and done.

"I just really love the people, the campus and the whole atmosphere at Virginia Tech. I really like that it's a big campus in a small town and I like everything about Virginia Tech.

"I went down there in August for a visit already and then returned last weekend with my family."

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