November 29, 2007

Duke assistant visits Hazelton's parents

Monday morning's chain of events hardly sent shock waves through the Duke recruiting world. In fact, just about every Blue Devil commitment expected the firing of Ted Roof to happen sooner or later.

Because of they were already suspicious of what could happen in Durham, each prospect began preparing himself for when the official word came. For Hazelton, that word came shortly after Roof himself had been informed of his fate.

"Coach [Glenn] Spencer called me and left me a message Monday morning," Hazelton said. "That's unfortunate he had to lose his job and I feel bad for him, but I'm still committed to Duke. I committed to the school, not just Coach Roof and the football program.

"I think they'll bring in a good coach and everything will turn out OK. Duke has some good players and I think under the right leadership it can continue to get better."

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