December 6, 2007

Okpara looking around

Sugar Land (TX) Dulles CB Ugo Okpara had everything going his way on thanksgiving. The day after he watched the team he committed to, Arkansas, beat the number one team in the country. The next day, Houston Nutt was no longer the coach at Arkansas. Okpara said that at that point, he wasn't so sure about recruiting anymore.

Since deciding to look around, there have been two schools that Okpara has been looking at. He said that the biggest reason to look at the schools wasn't so much what was on the field, but what he saw off it.

Okpara said that he had just recently had a few visitors to his house for in-home visits. He added that he understood that the coaches schedule hadn't made them available before this week, but that he especially enjoyed the visit from the Missouri coach.

Okpara said that he watched the Tigers even while committed to the Razorbacks. He said that he continued to be impressed with Missouri throughout the season. He liked what he saw out of the Tiger secondary as the year went on.

Even though he thought he had everything figured out in recruiting, Okpara said that he will hopefully have answers soon. He said that he had a new favorite in mind and that one of the next two weekends will probably be a visit to the school he will pick.

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