December 14, 2007

Leach's in-home visit a home run with Fowler tried to reach Joey Fowler earlier this week, but Fowler uncharacteristically did not answer his phone. However, he did call us back about 15 minutes later with a pretty good excuse for hitting the Ignore button.

"Hey, sorry I didn't answer earlier," he apologized. "Coach Leach was in my living room."

Fowler explained that Leach had braved the elements to come see him and was rewarded by getting to meet the whole family. And we do mean the whole family.

"Well, he had to come to my Grandma's house," laughed Fowler. "We got hit by a huge ice storm and we haven't had electricity, so we had to move in with my grandma for a little bit. Talk about a funny story- it was like, 'Hey Coach Leach, good to see you again, this is my sister, this is my grandma,' it was just random."

The three-star prospect confirmed Leach's quirky liability, stating that the coach was a big hit with his family.

"Shoot, it was a big party over at Grandma's house," said Fowler while trying to hold back his laughter. "Even my sister who goes to OU came to meet him. She got a picture with him and everything. We even got her to throw her guns up, which was a big accomplishment because just a few weeks ago she was in Lubbock with me crying after we beat OU. It's like a house divided thing we have going, but everyone just loved Coach Leach."

And part of that feeling was undoubtedly a byproduct of Leach's quirky sense of humor.

"Leach is just so funny," said the 6-foot-4, 268-pound lineman. "You can't even ask what we talked about, it would just be easier for me to explain what we didn't talk about. You can't talk to Coach Leach for that long without hearing a bunch of stories about law school or how he was one of six kids growing up and the neighbors had thirteen kids and how they used to go next door and play Uno. I mean, there was all kinds of crazy stuff."

The hard-nosed defensive end has been solid to Tech throughout the process, and Leach's visit only served to excite him more about his future.

"I'll be up there in Lubbock after Christmas I think," he explained. "I think I am going to enroll and sign my letter of intent on the same day, January 5th. So I guess that's when I'll officially start my career as a Red Raider. I couldn't be more excited to tell the truth."

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