December 20, 2007

Odds are Hypolite will return

When media members covering CU's football team are in search of a good quote, they often look to George Hypolite. The senior defensive tackle was recently named the team's "Best Interview" for the 2007 season.

"Actually I didn't know I had won the award until my mom told me," he explained. "It's a great thing that the media likes doing interviews with me. It is a great relationship. I recognize that everybody around here has a part in this program and you guys are the ones getting our program's name out there."

Hypolite not only talks the talk. He also walks the walk.

A first-team all-Big 12 selection, Hypolite tied for second in the conference with six and a half quarterback sacks this season. He also showed toughness by playing 44 snaps in the Buffaloes' regular season finale against Nebraska with a torn hamstring.

Just how hurt was Hypolite in that game?

"It was a fresh injury so I guess I was decently hurt," said Hypolite. "But I can almost play through anything as long as I can at least move.

"It is an adrenaline thing. Maybe if it wasn't Nebraska, if I wasn't so excited to play, if my teammates weren't rallying behind me the way they were, maybe I wouldn't have played. But I did."

Hypolite was listed as the fourth best defensive tackle prospect for the NFL by ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper in October.

Are the odds of him coming back to Colorado for his senior season still around 99.9?

"It might be even higher than that, if that is possible," Hypolite replied. "I love this place. Colorado has been so good to me. Right now I am looking forward to coming back for my senior season and hopefully I can leave my mark on this place with a special season."

Additional Notes:

*** Hypolite ranked first among Colorado's defensive linemen with 44 tackles this season.

*** During the now famous player introductions on ABC's telecast during the Nebraska game, Eric Cartman gave Hypolite a new nickname. "The defensive front is led by George 'The Rabid Goldfish' Hypolite," said the pudgy South Park character. "He's not really called 'The Rabid Goldfish', I just made that up."

Has the nickname been sticking? "It has been sticking lately and I have been trying desperately to stop it from sticking," said Hypolite with a smile. "It is an honor to be the guy on the defensive line that guys feel necessary to announce as the leader of the defensive line because not too long ago I was just another defensive lineman, just another recruit, just another guy. I feel really honored that I can represent my defensive line, my mates, in battle."

*** "The Rabid Goldfish" is not the first nickname Hypolite has had as a football player. In high school he was known as "The George".

"That nickname came out of nowhere, as well," said Hypolite. "A guy on our team said, 'You are like a super hero'. And he said if I was a super hero my name would be 'The George'. That just stuck out of nowhere. I guess this Rabid Goldfish [nickname] is going to stick just the same."

*** Brandon Nicolas is not as outspoken at Hypolite, but he has also put together an impressive season on the interior of the Buffaloes' defensive line. Nicolas recorded 37 tackles and he finished second on the team with 11 tackles for zero gain. He was named honorable mention all-Big 12 by both the coaches and the Associated Press.

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