February 15, 2008

Terrance Lloyd excited by early offers

Stratford (TX) defensive end Terrance Lloyd watched his teammate, Jimmy Burge sign with Missouri on signing day 2008. Lloyd said that as things kick off for him in recruiting, it's been slow, but he understands the beginning of the process.

As he has picked up his first three offers, Lloyd said he hasn't been able to learn too much about the different schools. It hasn't been for lack of desire, but with basketball season in full swing, Lloyd said he would have to wait to find everything out that he wanted to.

Lloyd said he was excited about the early offers, but he was surprised most when the offer from Missouri came. He said it wasn't that he was shocked by the offer, but to come this early was a pleasant surprise to him.

Lloyd said it's been helpful having Burge around as someone who can understand the process he's currently undertaking. He added that Burge would be helping him get his first look at the Tigers, or any school, later this spring.

Lloyd admitted that he was fairly new to the process of recruiting, so he wasn't looking for anything to wrap up any time soon. He said that he was happy about the three offers and he hoped to learn about schools soon, but that he needed to do his research before naming favorites or decisions.

Lloyd said that the first thing he had to do was figure out where he would be this spring. Although no answers were definitive yet, he hoped to have some idea of his plans soon.

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