March 20, 2008

Iwebema with more to prove at Pro Day

With the NFL Combine in the books, Kenny Iwebema headed back to Arizona to continue his training and work on a few areas he would like to improve up at Iowa's Pro Day, coming up on Monday in Iowa City. The former Hawkeye is now back in Iowa City spending time with his teammates, going through more workouts, and he is hopeful that he can impress the NFL Scouts on Monday and improve his draft status.

Q: Was the NFL Combine what you expected?

IWEBEMA: It was all of that and more. I met a lot of people and there were a lot of guys that I had gotten to know from the all star game there as well. It was actually a good time.

Q: How do you think you did overall?

IWEBEMA: I thought that I did well, but I could have done better in some areas. Now I am going to focus on those areas for my Pro Day on Monday. Mainly I want to improve my 40 yard dash because I know I can do better.

Q: Does it help that you know you have some of those test scores on the board, like the cone drills and such, so you can focus on the 40.

IWEBEMA: Exactly, it really does help. I know what the teams expect of me based on the feedback that people have been giving me. Having those results up makes it easier for me to work on those other areas to get the times that I want.

Q: What teams were talking to at the NFL Combine and how did those conversations go?

IWEBEMA: I think I did eight interviews at the combine and those were with teams that I had not already talked to at the all star game, so I think I have spoken to most teams.

Q: You are back in Iowa after training in Arizona since January. Is it nice to be back?

IWEBEMA: Yeah it is nice to get back here and see everybody. I have missed seeing them over the last couple of months. It feels really good to get back in the swing of things back here.

Q: One of the stories from last year was the off the field incidents and those continued through the winter. How frustrating is that for you to see happen to a program you have been part of for five years?

IWEBEMA: It is really frustrating. I know these guys and I know they are more than capable of doing better things based on what I have seen. You see them come in here and you want them to do well here, so it is frustrating to see these things happen. I guess it is just a part of life today and I hope they have learned from their mistakes.

Q: Some people put the blame on the coaching staff. Is there only so much that they can do on a daily basis?

IWEBEMA: You cannot expect a coach to watch the players all day, every day. If a guy wants to do what he is doing, he is going to find a way to do it. These guys are 18 or 19 years old and they should know better than to do what they have been doing. The coaches here are coaches, not babysitters.

Q: How big is Monday's Pro Day for you? Is it another chance to enhance your value to the scouts?

IWEBEMA: Definitely. I am really looking forward to it and looking forward to be out there competing with my teammates.

Q: What is next after Pro Day? Do you go out to different places for interviews with teams?

IWEBEMA: Yeah. From what I have been told some teams will have you come in for a workout and interviews, but after that I am going to go home and spend time with my family, workout, and then wait for the draft. Hopefully, I will get picked and then head out to mini-camp from there.

Q: As this whole thing starts to wrap up, how do you feel about the whole draft process that you have been through?

IWEBEMA: I feel good about it. I am just trying not to put too much on it, but this is a real important time in my life and I want to do well.

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