May 28, 2008

Taylor twins hoping to stick together

Darius and Darnell Taylor are virtually inseparable. The twin brothers from Mesquite (TX) share almost everything in common, except for their respective positions on the football field.

Earlier this week, caught up with the Taylor twins to discuss the latest in their recruitment.

The following is a question and answer segment with Darnell and Darius Taylor:

Could both of you catch us up on your recruitments?

Darnell Taylor: Last Thursday, I received my first offer, it was from Wisconsin. Coach (Kerry) Cooks-he recruits Texas-came down a little bit ago and he said that he liked me on film. Later on, Coach Cooks came back down with Coach (Dave) Doeren and offered me.

Tulsa, Rice, SMU and Montana State are the other schools that are showing a lot of interest in me. I don't have any offers from them yet.

Darius Taylor: The schools that are recruiting me the hardest are North Texas, Baylor, UTEP, Rice and Tulsa. I don't have any offers as of yet.

Darnell, could you expand on your relationship with the Wisconsin coaching staff?

Darnell Taylor: I speak with Coach Crooks a lot. My relationship with him is very good. I was actually planning on calling him again tomorrow (Wednesday). We are going to talk some more about what's going on and how everything has been going.

Darius, have you been in contact with the Wisconsin coaching staff at all?

Darius Taylor: No, sir.

Do any schools stick out to either of you at the moment?

Darnell Taylor: Everyone is pretty much even at this point.

Darius Taylor: Right now, I really like Tulsa. I feel Tulsa is one of my main schools.

Will location play a role in your recruitment?

Darnell Taylor: No, sir. I just really hope I can play with my brother and Marcus Trice.

Darius Taylor: No, sir.

Do you plan on finding a school that will allow all three of you to play?

Darnell Taylor: "Yes, sir. As of now, UTEP and Tulsa want all three of us to come to their camp. Both school said they'd go from there. They said if we show our abilities, they'd offer us.

Darius Taylor: I hope so, I hope I can continue playing with my brother and Marcus.

Do you have any camps lined up for the summer?

Darnell Taylor: Tulsa, UTEP and Baylor.

Darius Taylor: Baylor, Tulsa and UTEP. I may hit up a couple more but I'm not sure exactly which ones, though.

Darnell, what are some of your strengths on the football field?

Darnell Taylor: My speed and my physicality. I just really like hitting people.

How did you two grow into different positions? Darius you are listed as a linebacker at 220 pounds and Darnell you are listed as a safety at 185 pounds.

Darnell Taylor: He just ate more than me. Freshman year he gained like 15 more pounds than I did, he just kept gaining. Now he's 220 pounds and I'm 185.

Darius Taylor: My freshman year I was too small to play the position that I wanted, which was linebacker. So I just committed to getting bigger. That's how we grew apart… (Laughter)

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