July 10, 2008

Fera still waiting for scholarship offers

Houston (Texas) St. Pius X kicker Anthony Fera has done just about everything he can do. He has worked out for the teams interested, he has performed well, and he as continued to stay on top of his recruitment process.

For the 6-foot-2, 230-pound kicker - who has yet to receive any scholarship offers despite drawing heavy interest from schools - there is nothing left to do but wait.

"I haven't officially gotten any offers," Fera said. "I am still waiting to hear back from some schools because I guess they are all on two week vacations or something. But they all told me they would be thinking it over."

Fera has drawn the attention for five schools, including Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, LSU, and Oregon, and is still patiently waiting to hear about a possible offer from all the schools.

In terms of Ohio State, Fera has done most of his communication with tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator John Peterson, who has been helping him along the recruiting process.

While Fera hasn't received an offer from a school yet, that didn't stop him from naming his top schools. When asked to list his top schools in order, Fera responded, "Probably Ohio State and Penn State right now. Penn State has a walk on right now that they want to take a look at though."

Fera, who is from Pennsylvania originally before moving to Texas, said he enjoyed all of the Big Ten schools because he grew up watching them all, but if he had it his way, he'd like an offer from the Buckeyes. However, with the current recruiting situations getting tight in Columbus, Fera understands he has some waiting to do.

"Right now Ohio State is tight with scholarships because they have already have 24 or something, and they are probably down to their last three scholarships," said Fera, who has the ability kick and punt. "Right now they are thinking to maybe grayshirt me. They are telling me they are thinking it over, so we will see. If they want to they can offer me a full ride this year, or they can offer me a grayshirt.

"I would probably prefer a regular scholarship, but I would be open to any grayshirt possibilities."

While Fera did stress he was interested in all the schools, he had a workout with Michigan at the beginning of the month and kicked for Wolverines head coach Rich Rodriguez.

"They just had a kicking camp, but they have a two week vacation and they are going to evaluate all the kids, and they are going to choose their top three," said Fera, who also will play linebacker for his high school in the fall. "I kicked for Rich Rodriguez one on one. He had me go through a whole routine and with Rich Rodriguez I didn't miss one field goal. At first I was a little nervous, but once you get going its fine."

Fera was unable to attend an Ohio State kicking camp, so he showed up for the senior camp and kicked there.

"There were about 500 campers and they all sat behind me with the coaches and watched me kick," Fera said about his experience at Ohio State's camp. "I had five kicks and I made all of them, then after that I punted for them."

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