August 3, 2008

Beckles Enjoys Montlake

Los Angeles (CA) Verbum Dei High School's Noel Beckles visited Washington this weekend for the Huskies' Senior Day, and came away impressed.

"It was cool. We got to view the campus and sit on top of the stadium to watch the Blue Angels, so that was cool," expressed the 6-foot-2, 275-pound defensive tackle. " We basically saw the whole campus. We went to the dorm rooms, checked out the weight room and the training facility."

The memory of watching the Blue Angels is something that will stick with Beckles.

"It was different," Beckles said with a laugh. "There was no railing around it, so it was pretty scary

Beckles, who has been building a relationship with Huskies' coaching staff since his sophomore year, finally got the chance to meet and talk with Defensive Line Coach Randy Hart and Head Coach Tyrone Willingham.

"It's been great. They have been in contact with me since my sophomore year," explained Beckles. "Coach Hart is a good guy. We basically talked about my technique and positioning - it was one of the best parts of my visit. I was also able to speak with Coach Willingham - he's a good head coach. We talked about the football program and how he runs it, what his morals are for the program. We also talked about how they would involve me."

The visit to Montlake was a first for Beckles, and Husky Stadium left a lasting impression on the SoCal lineman.

"It was probably the best one I've been in so far," exclaimed Beckles. "We were just talking, and you could hear the echoes. You can tell it gets loud on game day."

The city of Seattle also caught Beckles' eye.

"One of the best parts of my visit was being able to see the city. We went to the piers and to the Space Needle," expressed Beckles. "It was clean out there. It's not like down here. It's very clean out there. The weather is wonderful, it never gets too hot."

While it won't be the biggest factor in his college decision, Beckles does pay attention to depth charts and the possibility of early playing time. Luckily for Washington, the Huskies are in need of defensive linemen.

"I do pay attention to the schools that are recruiting me to see what the depth is like at my position," explained Beckles. "I want to know the quality of players there and also what grade they are in. It's not the number one factor, but I do pay attention."

Beckles has yet to receive an offer, but stated that Washington, UCLA and Oregon State remain his favorites.

"Right now my top there are U-Dub, UCLA and Oregon State. UCLA is close in state and close to my family - it would be neat if they could come to the games," he said. "The U-Dub coaching staff is great and the city is wonderful. Oregon State's coaching staff is also nice and they have a great engineering program."

Beckles, who reports a 2.7 GPA, and has qualifying scores on both the SAT and ACT, said he plans on using one of his five official visits on Washington.

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