August 6, 2008

JUCO QB enjoys visit to Syracuse

Palatine (IL) Harper J.C. quarterback Garrett Barnas is one of the top JUCO players in the nation, but he has not received any scholarship offers. Even though the offers haven't arrived yet he does have one Big East school very interested in his abilities.

Barnas, 6-foot-1, 195 pounds just returned home from a visit to Syracuse University. The visit did not produce the first offer for Barnas, but he enjoyed the trip.

"I would probably give the visit 9 out of 10 on my rating, it was great. We got there Sunday around 8:30 and everybody was really welcoming," Barnas said. "They gave me a tour of the whole place right when I got there. I had a meeting with Coach Robinson and he went over the itinerary that they had set up for us and he told me to ask a lot of questions."

On this visit no games were going on in the "Dome", but that did not matter for Barnas because he already knows what a game is like when the Orange play. On this visit Barnas had a chance to see the "Dome" with only him inside, that was his favorite part of the trip.

"I just liked walking into that "Dome", that was just something. My mom and I were just blown away. I have been there before, but just walking in there with all of the empty bleachers it was really breath taking. That stood out the most just imagining playing in there with the place being packed and loud, I could definitely see myself running out of that tunnel."

At the end of the visit on Monday night the gunslinger sat down and had a meeting with the Orange Head Coach in which they talked about his recruiting situation.

"He told me when they recruit people they want guys who will fit their profile and not just athletically, he feels I fit the program well. He said that he was going to talk with all of his coaching staff and then give me a call back in the next couple of days and we will see where we are at. I am looking forward to that phone call."

"Coach Robinson told me that he would not be looking at me if he didn't think that I could come in and play right away. If it did not work out at quarterback he definitely likes my size and athletic ability, so he thinks I could play safety as well."

Is moving from the quarterback position something that Barnas would be ok with?

"I think that wherever I end up, at what position, I feel I can help the team out that is what I am down for. I really like it that I am more versatile, I am not just coming in as a quarterback, if that does not work out I have other options. I think that is what stuck out to the coaches. They didn't want to just bring me in and then not have the junior college transfer workout and kind of be stuck there."

Iowa and South Florida are also paying close attention to Barnas, but after the Syracuse visit it looks like the Orange have elevated themselves past those other two schools.

"I would have to say that they did take a step ahead of other schools, I was really impressed."

When the trip to Syracuse stared the location of a school was a factor for some family members, now however after visiting the campus things might have changed.

"Right off the bat my mom was thinking about how far away from home Syracuse was and she did not like that idea. I really think after we came and visited and just saw everything they had to offer my mom is up for me going there."

Overall Barnas had a great visit and he had one statement to describe his trip.

"I was blown a way by everything there it was really nice."

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