August 7, 2008

Media Day 2008: Moeaki back to 100%

Just when it was starting to look like Tony Moeaki was about to start breaking out at tight end last year, his season came to an end due to injury. As the Hawkeye offense struggled most of the rest of the year, Moeaki felt plenty of frustration because there was nothing he could do. Now he is back, healthy, and ready to learn from his new position coach. He talks about his health and plenty more in this update.

Q: How are you feeling?

TONY: I'm feeling great. (laugh)

Q: I'm guessing that was your most asked question today.

TONY: Yeah. (laugh) I feel good. Today was my first practice and I felt pretty good. It was hot, but good.

Q: Did you miss football?

TONY: Yeah, it has been a long time since I had put on my helmet. Today when I put it on, it felt strange because it had been such a long time.

Q: You are one of Dace Richardson's closest friends on the team. How is he doing?

TONY: I just saw him and he is doing good. Obviously it is tough for him because he is done for at least this year or whatever. He was looking forward to coming back, so he is kind of bummed out with that news.

Q: When you saw the offense struggling last year and you could only sit and watch, what kind of a feeling was that?

TONY: It was definitely frustrating and I wish I could have been out there and help in any way that I could. It's frustrating to watch in general.

Q: Probably even more frustrating because you seemed to have things going with three touchdown catches two games before the injury.

TONY: Overall it was really tough and it wasn't much fun.

Q: What about the competition at tight end?

TONY: We have a good group of tight ends. We are all excited about the start of camp and we are just trying to get better every day so we can help the team in any way possible.

Q: You know Jake Christensen pretty well and he is getting some competition in camp. How has he handled that?

TONY: He has always been very competitive, so I really don't see any difference in how he approaches things. He will compete really hard and he is a good quarterback. We will see how it goes.

Q: What is like to play for Coach Campbell?

TONY: It's good. He is really energetic and brings a lot of experience to the receiver and tight end group. We are all excited to work with him this year.

Q: How is he different from Coach Johnson in terms of a coaching style?

TONY: Today was my first real day with him, so (laugh)…I mean, they are both good coaches, so it is really hard to answer that one.

Q: You are still listed in the media guide as a senior. Are you in the process of getting the medical redshirt?

TONY: I just have to apply and I haven't gone through that process yet. I have to wait till the end of year to do that. I don't have any plans on leaving.

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