September 23, 2008

Reciever takes to on the rise WKU

Last Saturday night at Houchens Industries L.T. Smith Stadium seized the opportunity to question wide receiver and one of the nation's top prospects Devin Wilson of Pope John Paul II high school in Hendersonville, TN. Wilson was excited and shocked at the fan fair WKU had displayed. What was your day like here at WKU?

Wilson: "Well I came down here last year and this year the crowd and the new facilities were shocking." What was your perception of WKU at second glance?

Wilson: "I came down here for a couple of games last year and this was a whole lot different then last year, a whole lot. The school, student body, and the crowd seemed so much more into it this year." What did you think about the facilities at WKU this year?

Wilson: "I visited some schools like Tennessee and Alabama and the facilities like the weight room are right up there with everybody. What do you think about the direction WKU is heading?

Wilson: "Just because there in the Sunbelt doesn't mean anything. They're showing that they can compete with anybody in the nation."

At 6-foot-2, 179 pounds this wide receiver's frame boasts well for his position as he is aggressive and in no way lacks the physicality demanded at the collegiate level. Wilson has a thirty-four inch vertical and runs a four point six forty-yard dash. In 2007, Wilson had a total of 280 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns despite missing four games with a wrist injury in the season. With added weight and a slight increase in speed this prospect could be an impact player.

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