October 8, 2008

Barnas talks about his season

Garrett Barnas was a second team All-American a season ago. The gunslinger had a great season as he led the nation in passing yards, completions, attempts, passing touchdowns, total touchdowns, total offense and rushing yards.

This season he has picked right up where he left off as he is ranked in the top 10 in passing yards per game. Barnas talked with CuseConfidential about how the team and how he is looking so far this season.

"The team started off very well, which is really my only concern. Our defense scored an unusually high number of points that created a situation where our offense wasn't needed to win games. We have more weapons this year and that means I do not have to be the 'go to' guy on every series. However, the fact that I touch the ball on every play is important because it keep those eleven guys on the other side of the ball honest. When you're an All-American, you get spied and you're never alone. It seems like when I jog off the field to get a towel or a water bottle, a defender chaperons me. Matters not to me. When my team needs a play, I will make the play or put one or more of my teammates in a position to make it. That's what a quarterback does. "

Despite being an All-American last season Barnas is still improving his game and he looks forward to continuing his improvements in the years to come.

"I've made improvements in three keys areas on the field and three areas off the field. On the field it's arm velocity and strength (in being able to make pinpoint strikes at every range), decision making (being patient in the pocket, not forcing balls, and waiting for my receivers to execute and adjust before I decides to tuck it and go) and leadership (making a conscientious effort to influence other players attitudes and work ethic). Off the field I have improved in just laying out my priorities - my academics, my commitment to the football program and my body conditioning. A believe a player is always reforming, never reformed. There's always room for improvement. It's one of the definitions of being a professional."

Right now Barnas is not ready to commit to a school, but the school that gets his commitment will get a player who will be trying to get on campus very quick.

"The NCAA used to have a requirement that JUCO transfers needed to have 25 percent of their bachelor's degree completed before transferring. They recently bumped that to 40 percent. I am on track to graduate and complete 50 percent of my BA by the end of December. I'm cranking credits like never before. It's not easy with football, but I'm committed. It is still my plan to matriculate into a 4-year school in January and be ready for Spring '09 practice sessions."

Stay tuned to CuseConfidential.com to see how Barnas progresses through the season and how his recruitment plays out.

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