November 6, 2008

K-State firing puts Bumpas in shock

A coaching change at Kansas State has left Kansas State commit Clarence Bumpas unsure of his next move. Bumpas was in Fort Collins last weekend for the Rams' 45-42 loss to Brigham Young and is a 6'2", 205-outside linebacker from Colorado Springs' Sierra High School.

News broke yesterday that Kansas State coach Ron Prince will not return next season, putting the recruitment of Bumpas up in the air and leaving the Sierra Senior in a state of shock.

"I really haven't heard anything (from the K-State coaches)," Bumpas said. "I looked on the internet and saw it. I was a little shocked. I was almost disappointed. I don't know what is going to happen. I just don't really know what is going to happen.

"Now you know, depending on what is going to happen, I really don't know what is going down," he added. "If it goes down with the whole staff (being fired), you just don't know. I am trying to get some words back (from K-State)."

Bumpas holds scholarship offers from Kansas State, Colorado State and New Mexico. In addition to his scholarship offers, Bumpas said he is receiving mail from Arizona, North Carolina and Iowa. Bumpas committed to Kansas State this fall and offered his reasons why Tuesday before news of the Prince firing.

"They have the most down-to-earth program," Bumpas said. "I felt like I fit in a lot up there. When I talked to the coaches at camp, they were real level-headed people. It was a real family surrounding."

Bumpas added that New Mexico hasn't been in contact much since they offered him a scholarship. Colorado State has made Bumpas a priority, as offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator Greg Peterson has called the Sierra Senior once-a-week. The game this weekend offered Bumpas an opportunity to meet Coach Fairchild face-to-face as well and talk to Coach Peterson again as well. Bumpas was joined at the game by his coach, a former Colorado State Ram, Otis Johnson and teammate Kelby Dias.

"Colorado State is not only close to home, but they have a lot of heart," Bumpas said. "The coaches aren't too bad either. It is a pretty cool place and one of my coaches graduated from there and he tells me how it is there."

Bumpas is very candid about his education and what he is looking for in a school. For him, small class sizes, academic support and a feeling that he can succeed in school are important to him. He added he is looking for a football program he can make a name for himself as well.

Sierra High has enjoyed a successful season and will be taking on Heritage High in the first round of playoffs this week. Bumpas said the defense's success this season has been due to a philosophy that is "all about getting downhill and doing what you have to do."

Bumpas is looking to major in recreation programming or businesses, but added he likes working with kids, pointing out he used to work at Deerfield Hills in Colorado Springs, a facility he compared to a Boys and Girls Club. Bumpas has a 2.5 GPA and is re-taking his ACT.

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