December 13, 2008

Ayala ponders visit to Fort Collins

While several recruits visiting Colorado State from Florida and Texas last week remarked about the presence of snow in Fort Collins, one Rams target experienced snow in his own hometown of Huntsville, Tex. on Thursday. Defensive lineman Adam Ayala woke up to a couple inches of snow - their first in recent memory.

"People were making snowmen and snowballs and everything," Ayala said. "It hasn't snowed here, but maybe once or twice every couple of years. Even last year on Christmas Day, it was 70 degrees here."

Currently Ayala holds a scholarship offer from Colorado State as well as Louisiana Tech and is fielding phone calls from Houston and Rice University. Ayala stands 6-foot-5 and 253 pounds. He will be playing defensive tackle in college.

The search for his college will kick into high gear next week as he has tentatively scheduled a visit to Colorado State.

"Coach (CSU defensive line coach Scott Brown) has been wanting me to come up there," Ayala said Thursday night. "I am going to talk to him a little more in a little bit to set up the dates."

Brown has been on Ayala early and continues to talk to him on an ongoing basis.

"He tells you the way he is going to coach me and the outlook on defense and how they really care about the players and how great the atmosphere is," Ayala said.

Ayala's Huntsville squad went 7-2 this season including a 7-0 mark in district to take that title. Ayala said his coaches are currently looking at the tapes to collect stats. Numbers or not, he feels there was certainly improvement this year in his individual game.

"I really made progress from last year in terms of technique," Ayala said. "I thought my performance was dramatically improved from last year. I was around the ball a lot more than last year and doing the things I learned at camps. I'm also playing with my hands more."

Colorado State is one of two schools that have offered Ayala a scholarship this fall - Louisiana Tech being the other. In terms of schools who have not offered, but are interested, he hears the most from Houston, Colorado and Rice.

"I am hearing from people and they are making their decisions and I want to decide so I can help them with their decisions too," Ayala said. "I am thinking of making a decision either later this month and or Feb."

"Houston is trying to make spots for some other guys, so I don't know what is going to happen there. The other closest school to offering would be Colorado. I wouldn't say there is a favorite. I'll wait until after my visits are over."

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