April 17, 2009

Fuller likes what he sees at Vanderbilt

"Cal, Vanderbilt, SMU, UCLA, and Cal-Riverside have offered. I am also getting a lot of interest from Marquette-they're recruiting me hard, Kansas has been calling me a lot. Miami, and Arizona, but they have been wishy-washy, so I haven't been thinking about them too much.

"I visited Vanderbilt a couple of weeks ago. I loved it up there. It really felt like home.

"I've been in so many places already, and when I visited Vanderbilt, there were so many guys already there from California, it felt like home. I know my parents will support me and be with me, and I know my mom would call me every night [he laughs].

As far as the recruiting process, where are you at this point and do you have a time table on when you want to make a decision?

"It comes up around dinner time a lot. It helps when we talk about it. I know my decision will be coming up soon and I don't want to say anything yet, but it will be soon. Probably before the summer is over, but if not, very soon after."

"Vandy is the leader. Dan Muller is like the best recruiter there is. He's a great guy and makes me really feel like I'm at home.

What would you consider your strengths and what areas do you feel he needs to improve in?

Here's something that go to me-when people came out and said I was a shooting guard. I didn't understand that. I think it was because I have really, really worked hard on my shot, and I can really shoot it on the run, and it will drop. I think I shot in the 40's on three-point percentage this year. But I'm a point guard, that's what I do. I like to pass first and get my teammates involved and give them confidence and then we get going. I am really into defense-I don't ever want the other team to get in their offense. Ever.

"I feel like if you cut the head off of the snake, then the body will die. I work hard on the defensive end-I think about it all the time. The main thing I need to work on is knowing when to slow down. Sometimes I get going too fast, but I am working on knowing when to push it and knowing when to pull back."

Kyle is a hard worker, as evidenced by his schedule each day.

"I get up at 5:00 and workout until 6:30 until I have to go to school. As soon as the bell rings at 2:44, I workout again until 4:30, eat, and then go lift."

What are you immediate plans-are you going to play in the Real Deal on the Hill this weekend?

his AAU team is Inland Empire.

"We initially were going to, but a few of the kids couldn't make it, so we cancelled but we are heading out to Vegas the weekend after the AAU tournament there on the 24th."

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