May 29, 2009

Mauro updates his recruitment

Charlie Partridge has been a busy man roaming the halls of St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The second-year defensive line coach snagged both Conor O'Neill and Dezmen Southward from the Raiders' 2009 National Championship team, and has now offered three players in the class of 2010: Vinnie Mauro, James C. White and Jermaine Barton.

Thursday night, caught up with one of those prospects, Mauro, to discuss the latest developments in his recruitment.

The following is a question and answer segment with the 6-foot-2, 220-pound middle linebacker.

What's new on the recruiting trail?

Mauro: Rutgers and Navy just offered me. I plan on taking a summer trip up to see Navy and Rutgers. Also, I plan on taking an official (visit) up to Wisconsin next season.

It's been mentioned that Navy is one of your surprising favorites. Could you expand on that?

Mauro: It's awesome to have that offer. It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid to be in the Naval Academy. So, it's great to have that opportunity in front of me. However, I'm going to take my visits before I make any sort of decision. Everyone is pretty much even as of right now.

Any thoughts on the Rutgers offer?

Mauro: My dad's actually from New Jersey. I actually have some family up there. Rutgers is coming along and we'll have to see if I like it up there when I visit. I look forward to seeing the campus.

What's your contact been with Wisconsin as of late?

Mauro: I talked to Coach Partridge recently. He actually attended my spring game. He's a great guy. I'm honestly happy to even have met him. He's just an awesome guy. I'm privileged to have him as my recruiter. It means a lot that he's taken the time to get to know me as a person.

How about one of your buddies, Conor O'Neill? Has he been getting after you about the Badgers?

Mauro: Oh, yeah. Conor always tells me to go to Wisconsin. Ultimately, it's my decision, though, and I can't base my decision on him. That's definitely going to be huge factor if I end up choosing Wisconsin. Conor's one of my really good friends and he helped me a lot last year. It would be cool to go up there and have someone like that help me along. However, it's really up to me in the end. Who knows?

Are there any other schools that you feel are close to offering?

Mauro: Boston College. I'm not really sure if they're on the verge of offering, but they've been showing me a lot of interest. Other than that, I'm just completely open-minded. We have a big game in Ohio early in the season on national TV; I might be able to get some looks because of that. It should be good exposure.

Do you plan on attending any campus this summer?

Mauro: I plan on going up to Rutgers. I know a lot of my friends who will be going there. It will almost be like a mini team camp. I plan on going to Navy's prospect camp. Also, I plan on going to Friday Night Lights. It's close to home.

Have any of the Florida schools shown interest?

Mauro: No, not really, all the Florida schools are after the real fast five-star athletes. I don't really see myself fitting into one of those systems. They all run different kind of defenses; it's not what I'm accustom to. I'm a true middle linebacker and all of those schools use hybrid linebackers, with the exception of USF. As far as Miami, Florida and Florida State, I really don't have any interest in them.

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