June 5, 2009

Brown hopes to learn more about Bucks

Recruiting from the south isn't particularly the easiest task for the Ohio State coaching staff, but it surely can be done. While the SEC usually holds supreme with talent in the southern part of the country, talents that reside in that area ending up in that conference isn't always a forgone conclusion.

While decisions are certainly far from being made in the recruitment of Memphis (Tenn.) Manassas offensive guard O.C. Brown, the talented offensive lineman has expressed a big interest in the Buckeyes.

Despite not yet receiving and offer from Ohio State, Brown said it is an immediate goal of his to find out as much as he can about the Buckeyes. Just under a month ago the Buckeyes sent quarterback coach Nick Siciliano out to Brown's high school for a visit.

"When I was first called into my coach's office and I heard Ohio State, I never would have thought that Ohio State would come visit me," said the 6-foot-2, 312-pound offensive lineman. "But, there they were."

Brown said he would like to reciprocate the visit and get out to Ohio State this summer in order to get a better look at how things are done in Columbus. Brown, however, admitted his interest in the Buckeyes is already pretty high.

"I am supposed to be going to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on visits, but nothing else has been planned yet," Brown said. "I would love to go up to Ohio State and see everything."

Pulling Brown out of the south will be no easy task for the Buckeyes, especially because most of the attention he is drawing is coming from schools in that particular area. Brown does have three scholarship offers already from Kentucky, Southern Miss, and Colorado.

Brown, however, is hearing from a ton of schools, many of which are some of the most respected programs in the country.

"I am hearing from a lot of schools," Brown said. "I have heard from Tennessee, LSU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Kentucky, Southern Miss, and Colorado quite a bit. Hearing from all these schools are great, but a lot haven't offered my yet. I hope they do."

Other schools that have shown interest in Brown are Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt, all of which are members of the SEC. Though flattered by the attention he is receiving from these programs, Brown said he has plenty to work on.

"I still want to work on speed and my strength," Brown said. "My feet where always what stood out in my game though."

Narrowing down the schools is never an easy task, but he plans on getting as many offers as possible and doing the necessary research. For now, Brown hopes to send Siciliano an email in the near future and find out more about Ohio State.

"I would have to visit and really like the program," Brown said when describing the necessary steps toward narrowing down his list. "It just has to be a good place where I fit in and a place where I am going to get my education. I am not going just to play football.

"I am looking forward to giving (Siciliano) a call and my coach has his email and I plan on getting that from him," Brown added. "I would love to go up there on a visit so I am going to try an schedule a visit so I can learn more about the program."

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