June 8, 2009

Durham is on the move

The summer will be a busy time for members of the 2010 Ohio State recruiting class with everyone hitting the weight room getting ready for their final season of high school football. But for David Durham the stress of a move will be added to the mix as the 6-foot-3, 228-pound defender moves with his family from Austin (Texas) to Charlotte (N.C.).

A family move will have the three start defensive end/linebacker heading to Charlotte Christian, a program that is the defending private school champions of the state of North Carolina and coached by Ohio native Jason Estep.

"It's hard leaving Austin because of the new coaching staff and I am used to Westlake traditions, a lot of which are centered on seniors," Durham said. "I've gotten to do some great things here like start as a sophomore and play in the Alamodome, and make All-State in wrestling twice."

But even in the disappointment of leaving the Lone Star State there is an overwhelming sense of excitement in having the opportunity to play at a new school and in a rare situation. Durham will be flanked by two Division 1 (FBS) linebackers with Ty Linton (North Carolina commit) and Kelby Brown (multiple offers).

"We have talent, but if all 22 guys don't play as a unit we won't be successful," Durham said. "Kelby and Ty and I are similar in that we work hard but stay humble."

The Tar Heel state is not unfamiliar ground to Durham however, having grown up in North Carolina and while it will be tough to say goodbye to Texas there will be a whole new set of opportunities to be had.

"(Charlotte) Christian is a good situation for me," Durham said. "I will get to play with my friends and they also have a good coaching staff and program at Charlotte Christian also. I'll miss the big crowds and Friday nights at Westlake Stadium, but playing with my best friends that I grew up with, that's going to be special."

Durham will have the opportunity at his new school to be coached by ex-NFL'ers Michael Dean Perry and Eugene Robinson and already likes what he has been told by the defensive coordinator about the style of defense that he will be able to play.

"I'll get to do what I love, which is rush the passer and make plays on the perimeter," Durham said.

Durham has been recruited by the Buckeyes to play the "Leo" position in college and will get the opportunity to get a head start in high school with some assignments that will be very similar to the position. But Durham will also get the opportunity to play on the other side of the ball as well, a task that excites the young player.

"I'll also get to play offense which is going be a lot of fun," Durham said. "I'll play tight end, sometimes off the line in an H-Back type of position. I love playing football, so staying on the field is what I want to do...I get more into the flow of the game that way."

One other benefit about the move is that David will be much closer to his family once he starts his career in Columbus (Ohio). The drive north is in the neighborhood of six hours, which is a much easier trip than hopping on a plane each football Saturday.

"After we found out that we might have to move, we began to look at the positives and the first thing we thought about was that the distance is drivable and my parents and brothers and rest of the family could see me play," Durham said. "This was big because I want my family to be a part of Ohio State and this helps them do that. My parents never miss any of our games so this helps us work that out."

Durham plans on making his official visit to Columbus the weekend of the Illinois game but like most players will also attempt to be in town for the USC game as well.

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