June 9, 2009

Molesi faces uncertain future

For Oceanside (Cal.) defensive tackle, Thomas Molesi, his recruitment may be a study in the school he is interested in attending two years from now. The 6-foot-2, 280-pound defensive tackle holds seven scholarship offers and impressive credentials, but still isn't sure he will be playing college football any time soon.

Molesi is a Mormon and has yet to decide if he will be going on a two-year mission after high school and before college. That has made his recruitment somewhat confusing for this Oceanside defensive tackle who collected 70 tackles and eight sacks last season.

"I'm not to sure of it (whether he will do a mission or not) right now, but family is pushing me towards it and if it was I am called for, I am going to do it," Molesi said. "All my life, as a kid I wanted to go from high school to college. My brother served a mission, lots of my cousins served a mission and they give me hope to serve a mission."

The fact he may not see a college roster for two years and still holds seven offers speaks highly of his talent. Molesi was named All-Conference, All-North County, All-CIF and was the defensive line MVP of his team last season. That level of production has led to scholarship offers from Texas A&M, San Diego State, Oregon State, UNLV, Nevada and Utah.

"My motor goes every single play," Molesi said. "As soon as I hear the quarterback say hike, I am going until the whistle blows. I just love contact."

Colorado State is also keeping in contact with Molesi and he said he has the Rams high on his list.

"They (CSU) are real high, " Molesi said. "They are close to home and watching you guys last year against BYU, (Molesi has a couple cousins playing for BYU, Vic Sooo'to and Russell Tialavea) I was watching the coaches coach from the sidelines and the way they coach got me real excited.

Molesi said he plans to major in business and claims a squat of 545 pounds, a bench press of 365 and a grade-point average of 2.9. He said he is looking for a coaching staff he can mesh with. On more than one occasion he said he was looking for chemistry from his coaching staff and a coach that is mellow.

"Right now my top four schools are Oregon State for sure, San Diego State, Texas A&M and Washington," Molesi said. "All four of those coaches, right when I talked to them, they made me feel comfortable. They are all real mellow and cool. I saw San Diego State practice too and I was just overwhelmed. They are right down the street, close to the parents and I liked the coaching staff a lot."

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