June 25, 2009

Top 100 QB commit was 'indoctrinated' as a Spartan

EAST LANSING - When blue chip quarterback Joe Boisture committed to Boston College in March, everything felt right about the decision.

Boston College was the first major school to offer a scholarship, and there were opportunities aplenty on the Chestnut Hill campus. Meanwhile, Michigan State - Boisture's boyhood favorite - was reluctant to offer a scholarship until they saw him in summer camp.

Boisture didn't feel it was necessary to wait until the summer. He had fallen in love with Boston College.

But when summer arrived, and the camp season heated up, Boisture felt a pull to East Lansing. The old flame still flickered in his heart.

"We could see a change in him," Boisture's father, Marty, said on Thursday, just hours after his son changed his commitment from Boston College to Michigan State. "We could see that something was eating away at him. He just didn't want to go that far away."

Michigan State had been courting Orchard Lake St. Mary's quarterback Robert Bolden since he performed well at Michigan State's 7-on-7 team camp in 2008. Boisture didn't camp at MSU in '08 prior to his junior year, and had missed his sophomore season at Goodrich High with a broken elbow.

MSU seemed close to getting a commitment from Bolden at various points in the past three or four weeks. But when the commitment didn't come, and Boisture contacted MSU with renewed interest in the Spartans, fate seemed to be dealing MSU a hand with Boisture as a prime face card for the future.

Boisture, who will play his senior season at Saline High School, worked out at Michigan State's camp on Wednesday. The Spartans offered a scholarship shortly thereafter, sticking to head coach Mark Dantonio's philosophy of wanting to see quarterbacks in person at his camp before extending an offer.

"Coach Dantonio was very straight-forward," said Mr. Boisture. "I don't think Coach Dantonio makes exceptions. He was not going to offer Joe unless he came up and showed what he had. That's a requirement of his and by gosh you had better fall in line."

The Boistures showed up at MSU's camp at about 6 p.m., Wednesday evening, after Boisture had participated in Saline High's summer workouts.

"We met with Coach D, and the camp was going on," said Mr. Boisture. "The quarterbacks coach, the offensive coordinator and the running backs coach took him over to the stadium. They were the only ones in the stadium. Andrew Maxwell, the incoming freshman, was there. Kirk Cousins was there. They all watched Joe, and kind of evaluated him."

Later that night, the offer was extended.

"Coach D offered him a full ride and told us that there are other offers out there but the requirement he had for Joe was that he contact Boston College's coaches to let them know that he was not going up there."

After sleeping on the decision, Boisture woke up today feeling like a Spartan.

"Joe called up Coach D this morning and said he wanted to be a Spartan, and his next phone call was to Boston College," said Mr. Boisture. "Joe was very excited after he talked to Coach D. He did not want to make that call to Boston College. But they had an idea it was coming. They respect his wishes."

Boisture is ranked the No. 90 player in America by Rivals.com, which equates to No. 2 in the state of Michigan. MSU received a commitment from the No. 1 player in the state, defensive end/linebacker Will Gholston last week.

Boisture is ranked the No. 4 pro style quarterback in the nation by Rivals.com.

He threw for approximately 1,700 yards last year as a junior at Goodrich High School, leading his team to a 10-1 record, with 17 touchdowns and six interceptions.

In addition to Michigan State and Boston College, he had scholarship offers from UCLA, Pittsburgh and Wisconsin.


Joe's grandfather, Dan Boisture, was backfield coach at Michigan State from 1959 through 1966, helping the Spartans win a couple of national championships along the way.

"The Boistures have a long history with Michigan State," said Mr. Boisture. "In addition to his grandfather coaching there, he had two uncles that went to Michigan State and his grandmother went to Michigan State. I grew up in East Lansing with my father coaching there. We just always went back to East Lansing to the games. Joe has been indoctrinated over the years. He's a Spartan.

"He did grow up a Spartan fan. He was hoping for that offer earlier. When Joe committed to Boston College on March 11, for whatever reason he had never gone up to Michigan State and worked out for Coach Dantonio like the other quarterbacks had.

"When he got offered by Boston College, Coach Dantonio had visited Joe seven times."

Boston College offered in October.

"Joe thought if Michigan State was going to offer they would have already offered," said Joe's father. "He was very much interested in going to Boston College. There is nothing not to like about Boston College. it's a magical place out there; the city, the ocean, the university, the coaches. Unless you've been out there, it's hard to imagine what Boston College is like.

"And Boston College has somewhat of a quarterback crisis right now. Their starting quarterback is no longer enrolled there. There is no better opportunity for a 2010 quarterback recruit to get in and play right now than at Boston College.

"He was very excited about it. He was scheduled to graduate early and go out there after his high school All-American game and enroll on Jan. 11."

Instead, he will be enrolling at MSU in January.

"Joe is a homebody," said Mr. Boisture. "He is very close to his sisters, to his mother and father, to his dog.

"The reality of it was that he could only come home four times a year. He could come home for 10 days in the summer, and three or four days on the three other visits home. It's 13 hours from my house to get out there. His mother and I could make it out there, but his two sisters, I don't know how I could facilitate them going out there."

His sisters attend Bowling Green, which is where Mr. Boisture played college football as a quarterback.

"All of his family is in Michigan and Ohio and it just wore on him." Mr. Boisture said. "He had called Coach Enos and expressed his motions (earlier this summer). They stayed in contact."

And then there was an opportunity yesterday after Joe's practice to go up there and work out for Coach D."

Joe Boisture had seen MSU as a fan and junior day visitor in the past. But seeing it from within the walls, while throwing the football before the MSU coaching staff was apparently everything he was looking for. He left East Lansing feeling more like a Spartan than ever. But if he was going to renege on his commitment to Boston College and give a verbal to MSU, he at least wanted to sleep on the decision. Or try to.

"I don't think Joe got to much sleep last night," said Mr. Boisture. "He got up this morning and he knew he had to make a call. We asked him, 'Who is it going to be?' He wouldn't answer us. He went off to practice from 8 till 11 today, then he told us, 'I'll tell you when I get home.' He got home and said, 'I made my decision and I want to play for Michigan State.'"

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