August 6, 2009

Army Football - Summer Central: Inside the Huddle


The Black Knights concluded day three of their pre-season practice and are just two days away from putting on the full pads and taking it up another notch. takes a look "Inside the Huddle", as we continue to provide periodic updates on the tidbits of Army summer football.

Today we caught up with senior Jason Johnson, who is the only returning starter on the offensive line and sophomore cornerback Antuan Aaron, who will battle for the starting cornerback position.

Jason Johnson, OL As the only returning starter on the offensive line, can you share with the fans how the offensive line has developed thus far?

Johnson: Being the only returning starter it's actually kind like a good experience for everyone because we have new faces in there, new mentally, new attitudes. We have a great group of guys on offense and defense, both wanting to win and willing to win right now. They are willing to do anything to win, and it's great … having the guys who are willing to learn and willing to do anything to get that first win. What young players, including freshmen have caught your attention?

Johnson: Right now I would say Villanti (Matt). He's being a really good job on one-on-one blocks….he's more of a power blocker and doing a really good job moving guys off the ball. And Frank (Allen) he's a really strong guy and I've been working out with him in the weight room the past couple of days. He's a real strong and physical guy too … so, those two guys are definitely guys to watch I think.

Antuan Aaron, CB Last season you stepped in for the injured Trimble ... what is the difference in you as player now, versus your first year as a college player?

Aaron: I have more confidence this year. Last year being a freshman, I knew the offense was going to come after whenever they got a chance. This year I'm more confident in myself … I've been through games at the college level. I know what to expect and look forward to … I'm just ready to get out there and see what I can do this year. With Richard King gone, it appears to be a tight race between you & Trimble for the starting corner opposite Mario Hill, how do you feel out there?

Aaron: I feel good, I'm confident … I know what to do from spring ball and take all the work that I was doing during spring and transferring it over to the fall. It's going to be a battle between me and Trim, and good competition pushes you to your limit. Are there any younger players that have caught your attention?

Aaron: We have a young corner, freshman, Josh Jackson. He's from the prep school and he looks real good out here. He's throwing himself around, he's been looking good the past couple of days, real athletic, versatile guy and I think he can do some big things for us this year.

From The Observation Deck

"It's like a different world from last year … it's pretty intense," shares one inside observer. "Very intense, very upbeat, there's no wasted energy, no wasted effort, it's fun to watch and see them get after it and I've heard that from a bunch of people that are around that watching practice. They go for like an hour fifteen minutes take twenty minutes break and come back out and go hard for another hour fifteen. They are using their time very very effectively it appears.

It's also fun to look out and see a 6-foot-10 wide receiver catching touchdowns … and watching Alfred McDaniel run … good Lord!"

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