September 14, 2009

Jackets center has been eying Cane matchup

Georgia Tech center Sean Bedford grew up a Florida fan living in Gainesville and when he made the decision to become a Jacket, the transition was smooth because of a common list of enemies. Bedford is fired up for the upcoming Thursday night showdown with Miami and Jacketsonline caught up with him to discuss the game and the psyche of the offensive line two games into the season.

How do you deal with playing at Georgia Tech and being a Gator fan?

"The way I look at it, coming from Florida was a very smooth transition to Tech because you hate all the same teams. You have the axis of evil if you will, in Georgia, Florida State and Miami, so it works out pretty nicely that way. That may be a little too strong, but I will be rooting for them, though I may or may not see the game."

Do you think about games against Miami and Florida State before the season?

"I have had this game circled on my calendar since I was a senior in high school."

What will playing on Thursday night down there be like for you?

"It is going to be exciting because it is Miami, the 'U.' However many national championships they have. It is Vinny Testaverde, and all those guys and all that history there. I got a chance to play against Miami in my second game actually playing. With a program with that level of prestige it is always fun to go against that and I am really excited about it."

Do you do anything extra to prepare for that?

"I am going to prepare as hard as I can this week and try to make myself and my teammates better this week. We will see when we get to the game and I am excited and pumped up for it."

Are you fiery with the guys in practice with this particular game and do you think you will be fierier during the game trying to keep the intensity up?

"Yes, not so much because it is Miami or anything like that, but because we have not played up to our potential. We are not playing well enough to get where we need to be. Because of that we have to push each other, so I am definitely going to try to be more vocal this week."

How much bigger was the level of fatigue on Thursday since the coaching staff did not roll any subs other than Phil Smith at tackle during the game?

"I think physically it is a little more difficult because you get more tired, but as far as getting into a rhythm it actually helps. In the Jacksonville State game, we came out for a drive or two, it throws off your equilibrium, and maybe you are not at the same point you were when you left the game. You might not be as rested, but it keeps you in your groove."

When you watched the Clemson game on film, what were you thoughts on the offensive line's performance?

"There are mixed emotions and feelings on it. I do not think we played very well. I know we can play a lot better than that. Having said that, that was a great defensive line we faced. That is a fantastic defensive line and we should not take anything away from them, but we need to play a lot better and we can play a lot better than we did. That is our goal this week, to push ourselves."

Is there more confidence going into the rest of the season after facing Clemson who probably has the best defensive line you will face this season?

"I think it boosts your confidence a little knowing that we were able to get through there with the win. Having said that, Miami has a great defensive line, Allen Bailey is a heck of a player and they will be a challenge too. It boosts your confidence knowing we weathered the storm known as Clemson, but we still have to play from here on in and there are a lot of quality defenses in the ACC."

Do you think playing on the road will fire you guys up? That is something head Coach Paul Johnson has been concerned about, the lack of fire.

"I think it will. I have always enjoyed being booed. Even through high school. It makes me feel like that bad guy coming in there and that they hate you. To me, that is a good feeling because if they dislike you there is a reason for that. I think it should help us get pumped up for that game."

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