October 9, 2009

Sylvester looking forward to a bigger role

The Georgia Tech defense should have one change to their starting lineup this week with probable insertion of sophomore linebacker Steven Sylvester at weakside linebacker. Sylvester's snap count has increased each week and after the Mississippi State game, the coaching staff elected to promote him to the starting lineup. Heading into the Florida State game Sylvester is hoping to make a major impact on Saturday.

"It is definitely exciting to have a bigger role especially when it is a game as big as Florida State and going down to Doak Campbell Stadium at eight o'clock on ESPN," he said. "You cannot ask for too much more. I am really excited."

True freshman Julian Burnett had been the starting weakside linebacker, but he was pulled out of the game during the Mississippi State game because of mental errors.

"It all comes back to fundamentals, reading my keys, putting my eyes in the right place and knowing what to do so I can be in the right place," Sylvester said.

After being knocked out of the Miami game on a blindside block that was all over television a few weeks ago, Sylvester is hoping to get on the highlights for a different reason Saturday.

"That is football and that is going to happen to everybody someday so you just have to watch the tape and learn from it and learn what you did wrong," he said. "I am definitely trying to get back on the highlights last time I was number two for the wrong reason. I will try to be number two this week for a good reason."

Sylvester missed a few days of practice, but bounced back and has been playing well ever since. Looking back at the whole Miami hit, Sylvester finds humor in the experience and hopes never to repeat it.

"I was out for four days as a precaution more than anything just to make sure I did not relapse or anything," he said. "I remember getting hit and the next thing I remember is being in the locker room for halftime. It was my very first concussion. My head was throbbing and my phone was ringing off the hook with text messages saying I saw you get knocked out on T.V., but it happens. "

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