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NIKE Camps
Eugene, Ore.
  • Linemen shine at Eugene NIKE Camp

    Palo Alto, Calif.

  • Passers shine at Palo Alto NIKE Camp
  • Breakdown: Berkeley Elite 11 workout
    Palo Alto NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    Palo Alto NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    Inside look at the Berkeley Elite 11 workout
    Palo Alto NIKE Camp: Jerry Rice Jr.
    Palo Alto NIKE Camp: Joe Southwick
    Palo Alto NIKE Camp: Allan Bridgford
    Palo Alto NIKE Camp: Dalton Hilliard
    Palo Alto NIKE Camp: Kevin Greene
    Palo Alto NIKE Camp: Travis Brown

    State College, Pa.

  • State College talent embraces competition
  • State College NIKE Camp could be biggest
    Inside look at the State College NIKE Camp
    State College NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    State College NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    Inside look at the State College Elite 11 workout
    State College NIKE Camp: William Campbell
    State College NIKE Camp: Tom Savage
    State College NIKE Camp: Kevin Newsome
    State College NIKE Camp: Tajh Boyd
    State College NIKE Camp: Brent Urban
    State College NIKE Camp: Brian Slay
    State College NIKE Camp: Darrell Givens
    State College NIKE Camp: Shayne Skov
    State College NIKE Camp: Mark Brazinski
    State College NIKE Camp: Teric Jones
    Ferrell breaks down Penn State DB commits

    Columbus, Ohio

  • Columbus NIKE Camp big on talent
  • Top prospects to test skills at Columbus NIKE
    Inside look at the Columbus NIKE Camp
    Columbus NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    Columbus NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    Columbus NIKE Camp: Chris Norman
    Columbus NIKE Camp: William Gholston

    Tuscaloosa, Ala.

  • Georgia commit leads deep QB group
  • Southeast standouts set for Tuscaloosa NIKE
    Inside look at the Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp
    Inside look at the Tuscaloosa Elite 11 workout
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: Zach Mettenberger
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: Tyler Russell
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: Chris Smith
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: Michael Bowman
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: David Paulsen
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: Chase Vasser
    Tuscaloosa NIKE Camp: Philip Lutzenkirchen

    Chapel Hill, N.C.

  • Crisp steals the show at Chapel Hill
  • Stars to come out for Chapel Hill NIKE Camp
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: OL vs. DL
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: Larry Raper
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: Privott commits to Louisville
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: D.J. Bunn
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: Justin Dixon
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: Robert Crisp
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: Jared McAdoo
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: Ricky Dowdy
    Chapel Hill NIKE Camp: Dominik Davenport

    Baton Rouge, La.

  • Bayou's best show up at NIKE Camp
  • Region's best to compete at Baton Rouge NIKE
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: OL vs. DL
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: OL vs. DL Part II
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: Russell Shepard
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: D.J. Banks
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: Lamin Barrow
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: Chris Davenport
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: Hasan Lipscomb
    Baton Rouge NIKE Camp: Jordan Luallen

    Fort Worth, Texas

  • Plenty of talent hits Fort Worth NIKE Camp
  • Busy weekend for QBs at Fort Worth NIKE
    Inside look at the Fort Worth NIKE Camp
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: OL vs. DL
    Inside look at Fort Worth Elite 11 workout
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Lache Seastrunk
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Greg Timmons
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Gabe Lynn
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Jaz Reynolds
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Hutson Prioleau
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Javon Harris
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Rex Burkhead
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Alex Okafor
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Casey Pachall
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Andrew Maxwell
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Garret Gilbert
    Fort Worth NIKE Camp: Adrian White

    Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Quarterbacks steal show at Los Angeles Nike Camp
  • SoCal camp brings together some top talent
    Inside look at the L.A. NIKE Camp
    L.A. NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    L.A. NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    L.A. NIKE Camp: OL vs. DL
    L.A. NIKE Camp: Matt Barkley
    L.A. NIKE Camp: Vontaze Burfict
    L.A. NIKE Camp: Michael Philipp
    L.A. NIKE Camp: Shaquelle Evans
    L.A. NIKE Camp: Marquis Simmons
    L.A. NIKE Camp: Levine Toilolo

    Gainesville, Fla.

  • Nike Camp intensity hits a high in Gainesville
  • Gainesville Nike Camp attracts top talent
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: OL vs. DL
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: Aaron Murray
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: Lamar Scruggs
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: Orson Charles
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: Corey Gaines
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: Willie Ferrell
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: Desmond Scott
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: Jacobbi McDaniel and Chris Thompson
    Gainesville NIKE Camp: Brandon Jenkins

    Miami, Fla.

  • Miami Nike Camp sets the bar
  • Nike Camps set to kick off in Miami
    Miami NIKE Camp: OL vs. DL
    Miami NIKE Camp: RB vs. LB
    Miami NIKE Camp: WR vs. DB
    Miami NIKE Camp: Duron Carter
    Miami NIKE Camp: Dwayne Difton
    Miami NIKE Camp: Eugene Smith
    Miami NIKE Camp: Jaamal Berry
    Miami NIKE Camp: Trabis Ward
    Miami NIKE Camp: Frankie Telfort
    Miami NIKE Camp: Jakhari Gore
    Miami NIKE Camp: Rodney Smith

  • Best of Rivals.com Five-Star Academies

    Memphis, Tenn.

  • The Five-Star Academy makes its last stop

    Richmond, Va.

  • Richmond duo to stick together?
  • Moses growing into a star
  • Thomas becoming a star on the gridiron
  • Top Virginia prospects measure up
  • Five-Star Academy weekend preview

    Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Super in Salt Lake City
  • Five-Star Academy weekend preview

    Phoenix, Ariz.

  • Arizona's best on display
  • Five-Star Academy weekend preview

    Chesapeake, Va.

  • Sims getting a jump start on recruiting
  • Hill one to watch in Virginia
  • Top Va. talent hits up Academy
  • Five-Star Academy weekend preview
    Five-Star Academy: Tajh Boyd and Logan Heastie
    Five-Star Academy: Mike Privott
    Five-Star Academy: Kevin Newsome
    Five-Star Academy: Jerod Askew
    Five-Star Academy: Tim Smith
    Five-Star Academy: Jarmara Gray

    Athens, Ga.

  • Georgia talent turns out in Athens
  • Campbell ready to 'go get it'
  • Five-Star Academy weekend preview
    Five-Star Academy: Chris Burnette
    Five-Star Academy: Jamal Patterson
    Five-Star Academy: Joe Stewart
    Five-Star Academy: LeRon Furr
    Five-Star Academy: Kellen Williams

    Oakland, Calif.

  • Bay Area's best attend Academy
  • Martin gets jump start on process
  • Five-Star Academy weekend preview

    Columbia, Mo.

  • Missouri Academy brings out talent
  • Webb has best of both worlds
    Five-Star Academy: Ronnie Wingo
    Five-Star Academy: Nathan Scheelhaase
    Five-Star Academy: Tyler Evans
    Five-Star Academy: Montee Ball
    Five-Star Academy: Jordan Webb
    Five-Star Academy: Andrew Wilson
    Five-Star Academy: Darris Ford

    East Lansing, Mich.

  • Five-Star talent in Midwest
  • Matthias has what it takes
  • Barrent one of Iowa's best
  • Fragel is one of Michigan's best
  • McDougald learns on the fly
  • Father helps LB develop
  • Jackson has big goals for 2008
  • Wozniak looks the part
    Five-Star Academy: Larry Caper
    Five-Star Academy: Donald Spencer
    Five-Star Academy: Jordan Luallen
    Five-Star Academy: Josh Herring
    Five-Star Academy: Brad McDougald
    Five-Star Academy: Reid Fragel
    Five-Star Academy: David Barrent
    Five-Star Academy: Chris Norman

    Charlotte, N.C.

  • Carolina talent comes out for Five-Star event
  • Boyd a big-time prospect
  • Goodman is one good-looking prospect
  • QBs can't avoid Shankle
  • Holloman in high demand

    Chicago, Ill.

  • Charlie Goro begins tour
  • Interest in Zelinsky picking up
    Five-Star Academy: Leon Hill and Lendell Buckner
    Five-Star Academy: Jon Budmayr
    Five-Star Academy: Chris Watt
    Five-Star Academy: Patrick Ward
    Five-Star Academy: Michael Schofield

    Baton Rouge, La.

  • Baton Rouge Academy brings out stars
  • Jackson takes the long way home
  • Young QB to lead promising program
  • Shaw cornerback putting in the work
    Five-Star Academy: Chris Davenport
    Five-Star Academy: Janzen Jackson
    Five-Star Academy: Josh Herring


  • OSU pledges highlight Five-Star Academy
  • Clemons one of Akron's best
  • Rogers could star at FB
  • Turner loves the pressure
  • Carradine is a tank at DE
  • Ohio's golden back
  • Harris could star on both sides of ball
  • Freeman blowing up nationally
  • Cadogan has the look
  • Green is a rare player
  • Duckworth has big goals
  • Five-Star Academies hit Ohio
    Ohio Five-Star Academies gallery
    Five-Star Academy: Nate Cadogan
    Five-Star Academy: Jack Mewhort
    Golden back in Queen City
    Five-Star Academy: Cornelius Carradine
    Pickerington star talks Buckeyes
    Simon takes path to Ohio State
    Five-Star Academy: Justin Turner
    Five-Star Academy: Justin Green
    Five-Star Academy: Ricky Harris
    Five-Star Academy: Tony Guidugli
    Five-Star Academy: Sam Simpson

    Tallahassee, Fla.

  • Top players come out in Tallahassee
    Five-Star Academy: Trent Richardson
    Five-Star Academy: James Green
    Greg Reid talks Gators
    Brandon Jenkins talks FSU commitment
    Gerald Demps talks schools
    Five-Star Academy: Lamar Scruggs
    Five-Star Academy: Willie Ferrell

    Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

  • Florida stars show up at Five-Star Academy
  • McGee keeps a full plate on and off the field
    Five-Star Academy: Brandon McGee
    Five-Star Academy: Jose Jose
    Five-Star Academy: Frankie Telfort
    Five-Star Academy: Ricardo Dixon

    Piscataway, N.J.

  • Talent turns out for Premier Showcase
  • N.J. Premier Showcase Hot 11
  • Showcase for sleepers and underclassmen
    Rutgers Five-Star Academy gallery
    Premier Showcase one-on-ones: WR vs. DB
    Premier Showcase one-on-ones: OL vs. DL Part I
    Premier Showcase one-on-ones: OL vs. DL Part II
    Five-Star Academy: Je'Ron Stokes
    Shayne Skov talks Stanford
    Five-Star Academy: Mark Brazinski
    Five-Star Academy: Darrell Givens
    Five-Star Academy: Tavon Austin
    Larrow impressive in New Jersey

    Anaheim, Calif.

  • California stars show at Servite
  • Trojans to take over Five-Star Academy
    Five-Star Academy: Marquis Simmons
    Five-Star Academy: Kevin Graf
    Five-Star Academy: Shaquelle Evans
    Five-Star Academy: Morrell Presley
    Five-Star Academy: Cierre Wood
    Five-Star Academy: Vontaze Burfict
    Five-Star Academy: Richard Brehaut
    Five-Star Academy: Josh Nunes
    Five-Star Academy: Randall Carroll
    Five-Star Academy: Nathan Fellner
    Five-Star Academy: Dijon Washington


  • 'The Big D' brings in the big stars
  • Texas talent set for Five-Star Academy
    Five-Star Academy: Ryan Mossakowski
    Rhonte Scales commits to Texas A&M
    Five-Star Academy: Craig Loston
    Five-Star Academy: Jacob Karam
    Five-Star Academy: Russell Shepard
    Five-Star Academy: Hasan Lipscomb
    Five-Star Academy: Emory Blake
    Five-Star Academy: Terdema Ussery
    Five-Star Academy: Greg Timmons
    Five-Star Academy: Kyle Clark
    Five-Star Academy: Rex Burkhead
    Five-Star Academy: James White
    Five-Star Academy: Uzoma Nwachukwu
    Five-Star Academy: Chris Williams
    Five-Star Academy: Highsmith picks Miami
    Five-Star Academy: Shavodrick Beaver and Jurrell Thompson
    Five-Star Academy: Jarrod Darden
    Five-Star Academy: Jaz Reynolds

    Ultimate 100 Camp Cedar Hill, Texas
  • Top prospects compete in Ultimate 100
  • Combine Kings: Ultimate 100 standouts
  • Ultimate 100: Day two standouts

    Round Rock, Texas

  • Talented Texas underclassmen perform at NUC
  • Austin NUC top performers

    Boise, Idaho

  • Boise NUC top performers

    Tampa, Fla.

  • Tampa NUC top performers

    Gulf Shores, Ala.

  • Gulf Shores NUC top performers

    Nashville, Tenn.

  • TN kids turn out for Nashville NUC
  • Alex Heckman talks about Nashville NUC
    Nashville NUC morning session gallery
    Nashville NUC afternoon session gallery

    Williamsburg, Va.

  • Va. talent shines at Williamsburg NUC
    Williamsburg NUC gallery

    Tualitan, Ore.

  • National Underclassmen Combine hits Oregon

    Carson, Calif.

  • Dominant LB emerges at Carson NUC
  • California skill impressive at Carson NUC

    Houston, Texas

  • Brown among at Houston NUC
  • DBs stand out at Houston NUC

    Dallas, Texas

  • Underclass talent gets combine exposure in Dallas

    Jacksonville, Fla.

  • Skill talent stands out at Jacksonville NUC
  • Bolles prospects perform at Jacksonville NUC
  • Names to watch from Jacksonville NUC

    Baton Rouge, La.

  • Talent comes out for Baton Rouge NUC

    Birmingham, Ala.

  • Alabama talent impressive at NUC

    Boca Raton, Fla.

  • Miami talent invades Boca Raton NUC
  • Future stars fill Boca Raton NUC
  • Boca Raton NUC morning session recap
  • Boca Raton NUC afternoon session recap

    Las Vegas, Nev.

  • Bishop Gorman stars highlight Vegas NUC

    Phoenix, Ariz.

  • Underclassmen Combines kick off in Arizona

  • Army All-American All-Combine Team: Defense
  • Army All-American All-Combine Team: Offense
  • Big men dominate U.S. Army Combine
  • Combine displays quarterbacks of the future
  • Top junior prospects arrive in San Antonio
  • Combine attendee makes major sacrifice
    U.S. Army National Combine gallery
    U.S. Army National Combine OL one-on-ones
    U.S. Army National Combine DL one-on-ones
    Maxwell Junior POY Matt Barkley

  • Stars come out for Oklahoma camp


  • St. Louis' best on display at camp


  • Family ties lead Alletto to BYU
  • Sirles has the right focus

    New Jersey

  • BigTime Showcase top performers
  • Sleepers from the BigTime Showcase

    Cleveland, Ohio

  • Ohio's biggest star at Elite Camp
  • Mom's happiness Key for Newsome
    Video feature: Jack Mewhort interview
    Video feature: Jonathan Newsome interview
    Video feature: Marcus Hall interview

    Miami, Fla.

  • South Florida's best compete in 7-on-7
    South Florida's finest photo gallery
  • Big target's recruitment ready to take off
  • Powerful Florida LB likes West Virginia
  • USF offer begins Griffin's list
  • Big Ten program close for Emilien
  • Miami safety impressed with Gators
  • Northwestern DT taking early role as leader

    North Carolina
    Video feature: DeVonte Holloman
    Video feature: Xavier Nixon

    South Carolina
    Video feature: Chris Bonds
    Video feature: Stephon Gilmore
    Video feature: Sam Montgomery
    Video feature: D.J. Swearinger

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